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Domestic manufacturing matters The specialty metals industry is a cornerstone of the ever-evolving economic landscape in the United States. Many alloys, characterized by distinctive properties, play a crucial role in setting a foundation for many industries across the country. As such, access to these alloys is also crucial. A demand for products made in the USA […]

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Re-thinking Lean Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted industries and economies worldwide. Companies were pushed into re-thinking lean manufacturing principles and adapt to a “new normal.” Consequently, the manufacturing sector faced a unique set of challenges that pushed the concept of lean manufacturing to its limits. In this blog post, we will briefly explore how the COVID-19 pandemic generally

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Aluminum Telescoping Tubing: A Marvel of Versatility

Aluminum telescoping tubing Alcobra is a key supplier of aluminum telescoping tubing to numerous industries throughout the United States. For nearly a decade, customers in automotive, automation, medical, military, agriculture, and construction industries have come to rely heavily on our line of 6005 aluminum telescoping tubes. From supporting structures to creating adjustable frameworks, 6005A-T6 aluminum telescoping tubing

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A rendering of Steel Plates stacked atop one another.

Understanding the Distinctions: 6061 vs. 6063 Aluminum

Aluminum alloys are widely used due to their exceptional strength, lightweight nature, and corrosion resistance. Two popular alloys in the aluminum family are 6061 and 6063. While they may appear similar at first glance, these alloys possess distinct characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. Below are just a few of the dissimilarities between

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