Laser Cutting

Alcobra Metals is an authority in precision laser cutting for in the Inland Northwest.
We know that you’re racing against time to finish your projects on schedule. This is why we deliver the remarkable advantages of laser cutting to help you stay on track and improve your bottom-line.
Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutter

Laser cutting uses CNC technology to create precise, custom cuts from metals, plastics and various other materials.  As its name suggests, laser cutting employs the use of a high focus laser beam to melt or burn through materials, resulting in smooth, highly meticulous and intricate cuts. Laser cutting also benefits from being able to cut through harder metals that can withstand other cutting methods.  It is a highly efficient, and accurate process that allows for higher volume of production in shorter amount of times, all without worrying about the warping and imperfections of traditional cutting.

What material can a laser cutter cut?


Aluminum is one of the most popular and versatile metals available, and is highly valued for its low weight, corrosive resistance, recyclability, and electrical and thermal conductivity. It is also easy to cast into a number of shapes such as flat bar, angle, channel, plate, and tubing. Because of this wide range of characteristics, it is used in numerous industries such as aerospace, military, and automotive.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel offers huge advantages in corrosion resistance, fire and heat resistance, impact resistance, and sanitation. It is also easy to fabricate with, and is relatively easy to weld, form, and machine. Stainless steel is used extensively in applications requiring sanitary or clean room environments. It is popular for agriculture, food service, military, and aerospace industries.

Carbon steel

One of the oldest, most widely used metals is carbon steel. It is easy and cheap to produce, offers high durability, and is very easy to weld and fabricate with. Today there are many grades of carbon steel available used for a wide variety of applications. Everything from skyscrapers to nuts and bolts are made from a grade of steel that has been perfected over time.


Bronze starts life as copper and is mixed with other alloys such as tin to produce a harder alloy that is ideal for manufacturing bearings, bushings, wear plates, and parts that require greater heat and electrical conductivity. It is easy to machine as well, making it even more popular among machinists looking to make robust parts that will last after many years of constant use.

Laser Cutting Machine

Machine: Amada FO 3015 M2 NT

The FO 3015 M2 NT is engineered to meet the high quality and shorter lead time demands of today’s fabricating companies. Features include the new AMADA tuned oscillator from Fanuc as well as spatter free pierce for higher quality piercing in thicker material.

Beam kerf: .004″

Travel method: X & Y – Axis beam move

Work area: 121″ x 61″ x 7.87″

Max thicknesses: 5/8″ mild steel, 1/2″ stainless steel, 3/8″ aluminum

Oscillator: AF400iB (4000 watts)

Rapid Traverse: X, Y = 3,150″/min. Simultaneous = 4,455″/min. Z = 2,362″/min.

Shuttle table: 2000 lb. maximum weight

laser cutting
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