Lead Products

Lead is used in a variety of ways, though no longer in many products, is still essential in construction, bullets, weights, pewter, and lead-acid batteries. Due to lead being soft and easily worked with, it is a very useful metal and is resistant to corrosion. While toxic to humans if inhaled or eaten, which has led to it being banned in most commercial products, it is an essential metal in many industries including electronics and surgical instrument manufacturing.

Our Lead Products

Our lead products come in two forms, sheets and ingots. Discover the options on each lead product page below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or custom requests.

Lead FAQ

Lead is easily molded and shaped while also being corrosive-resistant and resistant to radiation. 

Lead has been historically used in a wide range of products, from consumer items to paint and ceramics. While not used in consumer products any longer, it is still an essential metal for military applications, gasoline, and many other uses. 

Lead is toxic to humans if inhaled or eaten and should be handled with gloves to prevent exposure or risk lead poisoning.

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