The only aluminum t-slot you’ll ever need

What do you want to build today? Elevate Your Project with Q20 Modular T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion System In metals manufacturing, sourcing versatile, quality materials is crucial. One of our answers to this constant need is our Quarter/20 modular t-slot aluminum extrusion system. This innovative aluminum track not only simplifies design processes but also provides a durable […]

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Re-thinking Lean Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted industries and economies worldwide. Companies were pushed into re-thinking lean manufacturing principles and adapt to a “new normal.” Consequently, the manufacturing sector faced a unique set of challenges that pushed the concept of lean manufacturing to its limits. In this blog post, we will briefly explore how the COVID-19 pandemic generally

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Customer Spotlight: Koola Buck

Since launching our line of aluminum telescoping tube, Alcobra has caught the attention of a wide range of customers across numerous industries. One of the unique applications we’ve seen is portable cooling solutions developed by Pennsylvania-based Koola Buck and their owner Brad Lockwood. We wanted to share more about Lockwood, his company, and how aluminum telescoping tube

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Bundle parent

Aluminum Telescoping Tubing: A Marvel of Versatility

Aluminum telescoping tubing Alcobra is a key supplier of aluminum telescoping tubing to numerous industries throughout the United States. For nearly a decade, customers in automotive, automation, medical, military, agriculture, and construction industries have come to rely heavily on our line of 6005 aluminum telescoping tubes. From supporting structures to creating adjustable frameworks, 6005A-T6 aluminum telescoping tubing

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