954 Aluminum Bronze has a wide range of applications, including bushings, hydraulic valve parts, pump rods, guide pin bushings, gibs, slides, bending tools, bearings, wear plates, screw nuts, gear wheels, worm gears, pickling hooks, spur gears, landing gear parts, valve seats, high strength clamps, pressure blocks, machine parts, etc.

Attention: Material is produced oversized and is intended to be machined to finish sizes.

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Bronze Wear Plates

Advantages of Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronze possesses strength comparable to medium carbon steel while offering exceptional corrosion resistance. Its continuously homogeneous microstructure ensures superior sliding properties, reduced friction, and slower wear rates.

One notable variant, C95400, exhibits high yield and tensile strength, excelling in withstanding stress from shock or overload. It is widely utilized in chemical, marine, and aircraft industries due to its robust features.

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Benefits and Applications for Bronze Wear Plates

In-contact moving machine parts endure intense rolling friction and impact. Bronze wear plates diminish the wear and tear between these moving machine parts and extend their operational lifespans. Their cost-effectiveness in replacement significantly reduces maintenance expenses and minimizes downtime.

At Alcobra Metals, we meticulously mill and ground bronze wear plates to eliminate the need for blocking, taping, or toe clamping. Our plates offer versatile dimensions, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific requirements.

High-Quality Bronze Wear Plates: Specialty Metal Supplier

Alcobra Metals stands as a prominent US national distributor specializing in top-notch specialty metals. Our unwavering commitment to quality encompasses stringent quality checks for each batch of bronze wear plates, exclusively sourced from reputable suppliers.

Our diverse inventory boasts a broad spectrum of bronze wear plate sizes, catering to different project needs of all sizes. Moreover, our focus remains on delivering reliable customer service to ensure smooth and speedy customer satisfaction.

Shop Online and Get Bronze Wear Plates Delivered

At Alcobra Metals, we firmly believe that no order is too small. While other suppliers may offer high prices for small quantity orders, Alcobra Metals is a substitute for fair pricing no matter the size of your order.

Bid farewell to the hassle of requesting quotes via calls; our online platform allows seamless shopping and hassle-free deliveries. Explore our range of bronze wear plates below to embark on an effortless journey in procuring specialty metals.

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