6005A-T6 Thin Wall Square Telescoping Value Bundle (.75″-1.152″)


SKU: 3PKAQT.750-1


  • .750″ x .060″ 6005A-T6 – 1 pc 48″ long
  • .884″ x .060″ 6005A-T6 – 1 pc 48″ long
  • 1.018″ x .060″ 6005A-T6 – 1 pc 48″ long
  • 1.152″ x .060″ 6005A-T6 – 1 pc 48″ long
  • .312″ dia. stainless steel button – 4 pcs


Our aluminum telescoping tubes are a perfect solution for any manufacturing application that features adjustable hardware. The tubes arrive at Alcobra in 16′ lengths, and we cut them to size for every order. Ask us about custom lengths for your pieces to save you time during your manufacturing process!

Machinability and Weldability

6005A is a versatile alloy that can be used for structural and architectural applications. This particular alloy is commonly used in automotive, industrial, electrical and equipment industries. It can also be used to produce standard and custom shapes extruded for solid or hollow designs.

As a medium strength alloy, 6005A-T61 temper has mechanical properties similar to 6061T6. 6005A has improved toughness characteristics compared to 6005 and 6105 and the chemical composition of 6005A provides improved extendibility compared to 6061 alloy. 6005A should not be confused with 6005 due to a difference in the amount of manganese and chromium content. 6005A-T1, T5, T61 tempers are included in ASTM B221, ASTM B241, and ASTM B429 specifications.

6005A provides good corrosion resistance and finishing characteristics for anodizing and painting. Alloy 6005A is weldable and can be brazed using various commercial methods. Consult a material safety sheet for proper safety and handling precautions when using 6005A alloy.

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