Water Jet Cutting

Alcobra has it all when it comes to your water jet cutting needs. We specialize in all types of architectural and industrial cutting and have built a reputation in the Pacific Northwest for executing a wide variety of projects that maximize the use of your material. Alcobra is willing to cut any order, large or small, simple or intricate, and ship anywhere in the United States.

Water Jet Cutting Machine Specifications

Our machines can cut up to nearly 10″ thick of most materials and feature 5-axis cut heads, allowing us to cut 3D features up to 45 degrees.


(1) Flow Mach 500

(1) Flow Mach 4

Kerf width: .040″ .030″, .020″ depending on the quality of cut and other machine settings.

2D cutting area: 6.56′ x 13.12′

3D cutting area: 6′ x 12′

PSI: 87,000 – 100,000

Auto taper compensation: +/-.005″

Repeatability: +/-.005″

Water Jet Cutting Machine

A water jet cutter is an industrial, CNC machine used to cut metal, wood, glass, rubber, and other materials. Unlike other cutting machinery, which can generate heat and friction during the cutting process, a CNC water jet cutting machine uses a cold-cutting process that employs a stream of high-pressurized water and garnet to cut through materials. As a result, water jet cutting eliminates the heat-affected zones that can be caused by plasma or laser jet cutting, creating a cleaner and more durable cut. Custom water jet cutting also allows for the use of precise, non-continuous cuts that result in the optimal use of materials, and create a near-machine like cut finish for projects both simple and complex.

A Water Jet Cut Part
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