High-Def Plasma Cutting

Steel can be tough to cut. Fortunately, Alcobra possesses High-Definition Plasma Cutting machines that are equipped with new technology that have been particularly designed to shape and cut steel in various thicknesses and grades. High definition plasma machines provide incredible cutting efficiency and accuracy for aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel with thickness of between 3mm to 25mm.

Plasma is one of the states of matter after solid, liquid and gas. It is an ionized gas consisting of free electrons and positive ions with proportions that result to almost no electric charge usually at low pressures (as in fluorescent lamps) or at extremely high temperatures (as in reactors of nuclear fusion).
Plasma is fast becoming the preferred technology for precision cutting because it cuts faster than oxy-fuel and can be used for aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. With the introduction of high definition plasma systems, the plasma arc is given more energy and stability for higher quality cutting capabilities.

Steel Cutting Technologies

High definition plasma is one of the many options for steel cutting which also includes laser and oxy fuel.  Each steel cutting technology has been developed to suit different steel cutting applications.

Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals and steel including aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. It cuts thinner material faster (less than 25mm in thickness). It is also extremely competent on non-linear cuts.

Oxy fuel cutting on the other hand is ideal for steel with heavy sections of up to 300 mm thick. It produces immense heat with less power. Cutting thinner sheet metals with this technology can cause them to warp making plasma for ideal for these materials.

Oxy fuel cutting cuts metal through burning making this technology ideal only for metals that can go through the oxidation process. Stainless steel and aluminum do not go through the oxidation process making high definition plasma the best option in cutting these materials.
Laser cutting makes use of laser beams to cut metals. It consumes more power to operate than high definition plasma and oxy fuel. However, it can be difficult to use, as precise accuracy is required when positioning lasers and can have difficulties cutting reflexive metals. 
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