CNC Machining

Alcobra metals holds the highest standards when it comes to your machined parts. We will work with you to ensure products are done to the right specifications. To achieve results like those you’ll see at Alcobra we follow some of the toughest standards. Our production meets both CAD and CAM specifications. This is all thanks to our carefully monitored step by step process. Advanced technology with experienced technicians mean satisfied customers and dependable finish.


CNC (computer numerical control) machining is an automated, computer controlled process and forms the basis of many cutting edge manufacturing applications today. It works by taking your digital model and converting it into numbers. These numbers can then be thought of as coordinates for the lathe or milling equipment used to cut your product. This whole process means precision, faster production times and consistent results.

CNC Lathe: (1) Haas ST-30

High-performance turning center designed to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability. Our attached bar feeder and part catching system makes this an excellent production machine capable of producing a high volume quickly and accurately.


X Axis: 12.5 in

Z Axis: 26.0 in

3″ bar capacity

Max Rating: 30.0 hp

Max Speed: 3400 rpm

Number of Tools: 12-Station BOT

Bar feeder and parts catching system

CNC Mill: Machine: (1) Haas TM-3

A versatile machine with excellent reliability and performance. Its functionality and simplicity combined with its power and flexibility of the CNC controls make this a perfect machine for use in small quantity or production runs.


X Axis: 40.0 in

Y Axis: 20.0 in

Z Axis: 16.0 in

Max Speed: 4000 rpm

Max Torque: 33 ft-lbf @ 1200 rpm

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