Quarter/20 aluminum track


SKU: Q20
Category: Q20
  • Extruded in 6061T6
  • Weighs 1 lb. per foot
  • Fits perfectly inside 1.5″ telescoping square tube.
  • Extremely durable and rigid
  • Designed to accommodate 1/4-20 hardware
  • Hardware not included.


Alcobra’s Q20 aluminum track system is a modular t-slot designed for building machinery, enclosures, displays, workstations, frames, and displays across a wide range of light and heavy-duty applications.

Designed to be easily used with ¼”-20 nuts, bolts, and other hardware, Q20 tracks can be used to construct virtually anything. Extruded in 6061 aluminum, Q20 rails are easily machinable and have excellent structural capabilities.

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