2″ C360 Brass Round Rod F.C. Half Hard


SKU: 01be42d2a3d6


Use brass for applications that require a soft, corrosive resistant material. Brass is also a great choice for projects that require shaping. It will also polish to a rich golden color. Brass is very easy to solder and braze, and accepts plating processes.

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength 58000
Yield Strength 45000
Elongation 25
Machinability and Weldability
360 Brass is the highest rated (100%) of the copper alloys and is the standard in which all other copper alloys are compared. 360 Brass has just fair hot forming capabilities and very poor cold forming characteristics. Welding is not recommended, although 360 Brass has low to fair soldering and brazing capabilities. 360 Brass has poor butt-welding characteristics.
The following tolerances apply to 360 Brass:
Rounds +/- .002 - .005"
Squares +/- .004 - .005"
Flats (T&W) +/- .004 - .012"


Fe.35 min
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