.25″ C260 Brass Plate HO2 Half Hard


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Use brass for applications that require a soft, corrosive resistant material. Brass is also a great choice for projects that require shaping. It will also polish to a rich golden color. Brass is very easy to solder and braze, and accepts plating processes.

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength 43,000
Yield Strength 10,900
Elongation 23
Machinability and Weldability
In its half-hard condition, 260 Brass has a machinability rating of 30 as compared to 360 brass rated at 100. 260 Brass has the highest ductility in the yellow brass series. Welding is not recommended, although 260 Brass has low to fair soldering and brazing capabilities. 260 Brass has poor butt-welding characteristics.
Thickness (in) Over 28 to 36" wide Sheet Over 36 to 48" wide Sheet
Over .026 to .037" incl ±.004 ±.005
Over .037 to .050" incl ±.005 ±.006
Over .050 to .073" incl ±.006 ±.007
Over .073 to .130" incl ±.007 ±.008

Technical Specifications



Fe.05 max
Pb.07 max
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