1.5″ sch 40 6063T5 Alum Pipe


SKU: 68a3eb5fdeff


Discover the durability of Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe, perfect for various plumbing and structural applications. Crafted for strength and corrosion resistance, it ensures reliable performance in diverse environments. Ideal for fluid transportation, framework, and outdoor installations, it offers easy installation and long-lasting reliability. Upgrade your projects with this versatile and dependable aluminum piping solution.

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength 27000
Yield Strength 21000
Brinell Hardness 60


Cr0.1 max
Cu0.1 max
Fe0.35 max
Mg0.45 - 0.9
Mn0.1 max
Si0.2 - 0.6
Ti0.1 max
Zn0.1 max
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