Lead Sheet & Plate

Lead Sheet & Plate

Alcobra produces high-quality lead sheets and plates that serve several functions, ensuring safety measures are met in delivering them. It’s important to handle lead safely as it is toxic if eaten or inhaled, causing long-term damage that affects the muscles, joints, reproductive system, and brain. It’s imperative to wear proper protective equipment when handling lead in any way that could lead to ingesting or inhaling it.

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Sheet Lead Uses

Lead sheets have a variety of applications in numerous industries from soundproofing to radiation shielding and corrosion protection to roofing:

Our Sheet Lead Products

4130 AQ (Aircraft Quality) steel sheet (chromolly) is one of the most widely used in aviation and racing industries because of its weldability and ease of fabrication. The 4130 steel is ideal when strong light weight steel is needed, and the weldability of the 4130 steel sheet is excellent. 4130 is resistant to scaling and oxidation and has a clean, smooth finish.

Our 4130 sheet is offered as both cold rolled, in .025-.063, and hot rolled in .080-.125. The difference between hot and cold rolled 4130 sheets is cosmetic, but the strength is the same. However, our hot and cold rolled look the same, and both have a smooth glass finish.

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