Carbon Steel Round Tube

Carbon Steel Round Tube

Carbon steel round tubes provide numerous advantages due to their unique properties, such as their versatility, corrosion resistance, and recyclability without losing grade quality. Carbon steel is also a great option because of its relatively low cost. It is easy to work with, and we have a great selection of bar, tube, angle and sheet to help get you started.

Alcobra Metals is committed to serving our customers in their applications and choosing the right metal for the project. To help in that goal, we offer product selection guides to help you decide what is best.

Advantages of Using Carbon Steel Round Tubes

Carbon steel is well-known in heavy-duty industries for its strength, but it also carries a range of other benefits that fit other applications, including:

  • High Durability: Its shock resistance effectively allows carbon steel to withstand fluctuating pressures and harsh weather conditions.
  • Cost-Effective: Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, carbon steel round tubes can be manufactured with thinner walls, transporting higher volumes than materials of the same size.
  • Recyclability: Being a recyclable material, its steel can be reused and transformed into the same grade repeatedly, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.
  • Versatility: Carbon steel is highly versatile; it can be bent, cut, drilled, welded, and molded to suit intricate structures and machinery.
  • Resistant to Corrosion: Its smooth and clean surface finish makes it resistant to corrosion from chemicals and environmental elements.

Types of Carbon Steel Round Tubes

Carbon Steel Round Tubes find applications across various industries, such as in construction, chemical equipment manufacturing, and essential materials for shipbuilding. Depending on the intended use and specific project requirements, there are several types of carbon steel round tubing to choose from:

  • Cold Drawn Seamless Round Tubes: Ideal for applications requiring superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy, such as roll cages and high-speed pumping applications.
  • Cold-Rolled Round Tubes: Perfect for parts demanding precision sizes and high ductility, suitable for appliances and furniture.
  • Hot Finish Seamless Round Tubes: Cost-effective option for supports and pillars where finish and tight tolerances are not the primary focus.
  • Drawn-Over-Mandrel Tubes: Known for high strength and machinability, they are frequently used in hydraulic components and automotive parts.

Alcobra Metals: Your Source for Carbon Steel Round Tube

Our selection of round carbon steel tubing comes in a variety of sizes to fit your application and can be shipped nationwide.  Explore Alcobra Metals variety of carbon steel round tubes below.

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