Customer Spotlight: Koola Buck

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Since launching our line of aluminum telescoping tube, Alcobra has caught the attention of a wide range of customers across numerous industries. One of the unique applications we’ve seen is portable cooling solutions developed by Pennsylvania-based Koola Buck and their owner Brad Lockwood.

We wanted to share more about Lockwood, his company, and how aluminum telescoping tube makes Koola Buck a market leader. Read below and learn how the right materials and tools can propel you to the front of your field.

A revolution in portable cooling

Alcobra: What is Koola Buck?

Lockwood: “Koola Buck specializes in manufacturing walk-in cooler systems, game bags, and other game-preserving products. Our products that have revolutionized how hunters harvest and preserve their game at both individual sportsman and commercial levels.”

Alcobra: Describe how you started your company.

Lockwood: “We established Koola Buck in 2016 in order to meet the demand for portable cooling systems and other methods of meat preservation. Our primary market is hunters seeking to properly cool and store their wild game animals. Previously, there were really no reliable cooling systems that added the kind of value our products provide.”

One-of-a-kind company

Alcobra: What kind of impact has Koola Buck had on your industry?

Lockwood: “We are truly a one-of-a-kind company that holds patents in the US, Canada, and Europe. Koola Buck revolutionized portable game cooling and preservation. Also, you will find our products at many different types of outdoor events that require portable cooling on a commercial scale. This includes live music events, beer festivals, catering events, restaurants, and many other applications.”

Alcobra: What other value does Koola Buck provide?

Lockwood: “We manufacture and distribute many other items into the hunting market for game and meat care purposes. These include a large variety of game bags, hooks, archery products, and our signature Hide Ripper.”

Alcobra: What led you to use Alcobra Metals as a supplier?

Lockwood: “Alcobra is very easy to work with, very responsive to communicating and collaborating during the ordering process. Additionally, their pricing is very competitive. We have been pleased with the service and products they offer and look forward to working with them.”

Koola Buck and Alcobra Metals

Alcobra: What value does Alcobra add to your products?

Lockwood: “The telescoping tubes we use for our cooling systems add a very innovative, portability feature to our products. With this added degree of portability, our customers can move and set up commercial-sized coolers in minutes. Obviously, without this ability, our customers would spend considerably more time and manpower to sustain a cooled environment.

We’re very grateful for a partner like Alcobra for helping us provide this much-needed added value to our products.”

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