Aluminum Telescoping Tubing: A Marvel of Versatility

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Aluminum telescoping tubing

Alcobra is a key supplier of aluminum telescoping tubing to numerous industries throughout the United States. For nearly a decade, customers in automotive, automation, medical, military, agriculture, and construction industries have come to rely heavily on our line of 6005 aluminum telescoping tubes.

From supporting structures to creating adjustable frameworks, 6005A-T6 aluminum telescoping tubing opens the door to limitless possibilities. Alcobra works directly with customers to help determine the shape, length, and quantity of tubes for projects big and small. Additionally, all of our aluminum telescoping tubes are  100% domestic and extruded to the highest possible standards within the industry.

Read on to learn about just a few of the uses and benefits our telescoping tubing offers customers. Check out our aluminum telescoping tube offerings here.

Telescoping Aluminum Frameworks

Aluminum telescoping tubing provides a practical solution for creating adjustable frameworks. Specifically, this allows users to modify the length and height of structures as needed. Some examples of this include: shelving units, display stands, or temporary structures.

With a simple twist or push, you can extend or retract the tubing to achieve the desired size, making it an ideal choice for customers prioritizing adaptability. Thankfully, there are many options for locking your tubing at a specific length, but an easy solution for this is our stainless steel push button telescoping tube locks.

Please note that our tube locks are sold separately from the tubes themselves. Additionally, the tubes don’t include any holes or other features machined into them unless you are purchasing the pre-drilled tubes found here.

Interested in having a different hole pattern or other features machined into your aluminum telescoping tubes? Please do not hesitate to ask.

Telescoping Poles, Antenna Masts

Aluminum telescoping tubing is a lightweight yet sturdy material commonly used for flag poles and antenna masts. Some factors for this choice in material include durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. Additionally, aluminum easily withstands the elements, ensuring flags, antennas or other instrumentation remain in place and working properly for years.

Telescoping A/V accessories

Aluminum telescoping tubing is a favorite among photographers and videographers who require adjustable equipment. For example, tripods, light stands, and booms are all common tools requiring some form  of telescoping function. These applications often incorporate telescoping tubes to provide adjustable height and reach. Their lightweight nature makes them portable, allowing for easy transport during on-location shoots.

Adjustable Medical Devices

Aluminum telescoping tubing has many uses in the medical field. The lightweight nature of aluminum makes it ideal for mobility aids, ensuring ease of use for both patients and caregivers. From adjustable hospital beds to support structures for wheelchairs, these tubes provide excellent strength and adjustability.

Why 6005 aluminum?

The 6005 aluminum alloy is easily extrudable compared to other alloys like 6061. Because of this, 6005 is a good option for tighter-tolerance, complex profiles. Although the shape profiles appear simple enough at a glance, manufacturing a telescoping profile is actually quite challenging.

To telescope properly, the tubes must maintain a tight tolerance along the length of each piece, ensuring the telescoping action of the material works consistently. Using 6005 during the extruding process allows us to create telescoping material much cheaper than drawn seamless tubes.

Additionally, 6005 offers good machinability and weldability. It also offers similar tensile and yield strength as 6061 structural grade, although 6005 is generally considered a moderate-strength alloy.

For more technical specifics about 6005 alloy aluminum, click here.


Aluminum telescoping tubing is a versatile and practical solution that opens up a world of possibilities for engineers, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Chiefly, its strength, corrosion resistance, and adjustability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re building a flagpole, setting up photography equipment, or embarking on a creative DIY project, telescoping tubing is your secret ingredient for success.

If you need help developing ideas for your next project, please feel free to give us a call (509-482-4435).

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