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Metric Round 6061-T6 Round Bar Bearing Quality

6061 is commonly used for structural components, screw machine parts, frames, brackets, jigs, fixtures, base plates, machine parts, couplings, hydraulic valve bodies, valves and valves parts, fuse parts, gears and shafts, worm gears, pistons, rectifier parts, fasteners, hardware, truck and marine components, marine fittings and hardware, electrical fittings and connectors, hinge pins, magneto parts, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, appliance fittings, camera lens mounts, bike frames, etc. 6061 is used for heavy duty structures requiring good strength-to-weight ratio with good corrosion resistance. 6061 is easily cold worked and formed in the annealed condition. Cutting, stamping, bending, spinning, deep drawing, drilling, tapping, etc. are all readily accomplished using standard methods.

3MM (.1181")6061T6511 alum.
4MM (.1575") 6061T6511 alum.
5MM (.1969")6061T6511 alum.
6MM (.2362") 6061T651 alum.
7MM (.2756") 6061T6511 alum.
9MM (.3543") 6061T651 alum.
10MM (.3937") 6061T651 alum.
12MM (.4724")6061T651 alum.
13MM (.5118")6061T651 alum.
15MM (.5906")6061T651 alum.
17MM (.6693") 6061T6511 alum
19MM (.748") 6061T6511 alum.
20MM (.7874") 6061T6511 alum
23MM (.9055")6061T6511 alum.
25MM (.9843")6061T6511 alum.
27MM (1.063") 6061T6511 alum
31MM (1.2205") 6061T6511 alum.