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Alcobra Metals, Inc. : Distributor of Specialty Metals

Brass C230 Red Brass Pipe

Brass Product Guide

Typical Applications

Etching parts, trim, weather strip, kick plates, nameplates, badges, medallions, plaques, tokens, coinage, zippers, costume jewelry, fire extinguisher cases, rouge boxes, lipstick containers, dials, compacts, sockets, conduit, rotor bars, AC motors, screw shells, eyelets, fasteners, tubing for heat exchangers, heat exchangers, pump cylinder liners, tubing for instrumentation, fire extinguishers, condenser tubes, pickling crates, radiator cores, tags, heat exchanger shells, flexible metal hose, fire hose coupling, J bends, pipe service lines, traps, service lines, pipe, pipe nipples, pump lines, plumbing fittings.

1/4" Sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
1/2" sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
3/4" Sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
1" sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
1 1/4"sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
1 1/2"sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe
2" sch 40 C230 Red Brass Pipe